Sunday, April 20, 2008

Carl Dolan Memorial Spring Classic

Another rainy day at the races.  Caught three events -- masters 30+/40+, Cat 3/4 and Pro 1/2/3.  346 images; pushed 70+ to web.  Started with ISO 800, then dropped to 400 when light improved. Race shots at 1/1000 second, auto aperture.  Rain limited mobility; plastic bag over camera.  Wind hit 35-45 mph during last event, cancelled due to lightning.  (Tornado reported down the road.)  A number of crashes in several races.  Not a pretty day, epic.  Changed focusing mode to more center-weighted.  This improved picture quality for action shots; the lens hunted less to focus.  Abandoned event when last race cancelled; tent ripped useless, referee and post-race pavilions flattened.

Mac Pro much faster for post processing.  About 5 times faster than MacBook.

Licensed a dozen pictures to a team's sponsor; funds donated to Ethiopia Healthcare Network.

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RayMan AKA StingRay said...


I really think your pictures are great and really look forward to seeing your race photos.

I'm also really glad you started a blog because you've given all of us a true insight into what you go through in terms of processing your photos. I'm sure none of us really knew you spend 4-6 hours processing your photos.

Kudos to you for braving the weather conditions during the 30/40 race, which were some of the harshest conditions I've ever raced in.

Thank you,
Bicycle Place