Saturday, October 2, 2010

Concerned Photography, Active Photography

"You might think I live in some kind of rarefied atmosphere, but I've got all the same concerns as you. When you spend time in the Third World, the gap between an ordinary life there and a life in the West is enormous, almost unimaginable. But the gap between where you are and where I am is microscopic. It's just degrees of luxury." U2 lead singer Bono speaking to his friend Neil McCormick, in Killing Bono, pp. 345-346.

In January 2010, I visited and photographed these HIV-positive orphans in Addis. We set-up a healthcare program for very poor women and children, including these children and their caretaker.

Here's a thought: "Concerned photography" (Cartier-Bresson, Magnum, et al.) is to take the picture, inspire a difference. "Active photography" is to make a difference, take the picture, put down your camera, put on the blue gloves, and stanch the wound ... We need more wound stanching ... Jim Wilson

Crazy Bucket List

Not in priority order ...
  1. Landscape back yard ... add low (e.g., 6-8 inches) natural stone wall (flattish arc/ogee curve) to match front wall, level/improve soil behind, lush grass (thyme/lavender flowing over wall, steps ...), improve/repair drainage.
  2. Update bedroom #2 ... evolve it towards AppleTV/reading room, upstairs den, guest room, crib for pro from Boulder.
  3. Ride Colorado Trail -- in segments -- Denver to Durango, c. 2011-2013.
  4. Buy/split lightweight (29er) mountain bike with Nate ... he gets it fall for racing, I drive it rest of year ... (Can't do Colorado Trail on single speed ...)
  5. Buy undervalued (town)house in Tucson (Sabino Canyon) ... make it training site for friends/family, perhaps rent same ... (helps with taxes ...) ... snowbird getaway during (oncoming) dotage, ice age ...
  6. Expand vegetable garden out front (more of same ... lots more ...)
  7. (Carolyn) Usher Avery to Australia or exotic locale during gap year ...
  8. Return to Mallorca ... visit Girona ... 25th anniversary?
  9. New windows/argon double/triple pane throughout house ... seal house to make very energy efficient.
  10. Reorganize electrical/components to eliminate/reduce vampire systems (easy).
  11. 27" LED cinema display for MacPro (old cinema display goes to BR #2 w/Apple TV) ...
  12. Bicycle Cairo to Khartoum with Tour de Afrique (2012?), later Khartoum to Addis ... Capetown? Maybe Ave would want to join segment(s) for gap year project ...
  13. Link LeAlem with Partners in Health (Paul Farmer).
  14. Work with Greg Mortenson and/or Farmer ... do photo documentary, fundraising book.
  15. Get back to Alta this winter ... or perhaps Sugarloaf/Sunday River (Jean).
  16. Build a product for iPad.
  17. As prep or alternate to Colorado Trail, ride Great Allegheny Passage, Cumberland to Pittsburgh. Better ride Shenandoah Mountain 100 (in segments). Better, do them all ...
  18. Migrate, update photo collection, e.g., canvasses in LR.
Overall, be the best father and partner possible. Help folks reach their highest star!