Friday, December 18, 2009

Favorite 2009 Pictures

I probably took fewer bike race pictures this year than in past years, but I took more nature pictures. I think my quality settled down a bit. I had more fun. Here are a few favorites with comments. Originals are posted at You can click through pix to download high resolution or order prints.

Nathan at Fitchburg

This is my personal favorite. I like the black and white, the contrast of youth and harsh context. My son Nathan following a national-level road race where he fought to win second, solo, against the powerful Hot Tubes squad. A couple months past his 18th birthday. Nathan is an exhausted but matured warrior here, something I mark as a turning point. Nate continued the 2009 season to set ever higher marks, achieving Category 1, winning big races, besting pros, and riding to a silver at the USA Junior championships.

Chris Kelley at Kelley Acres Cross

I've known Chris over the years and been fortunate to grab some nice images. I like the ethereal lighting and how Chris's beauty and wisdom penetrate. Outdoors on her farm.

Andy Wulfkuhle at Capital Classic Cyclocross

This is "Bad Andy" Wulfkuhle, 2009 Pennsylvania Cyclocross Champion. (Apology -- I had mislabeled him as Wes Schempf in an earlier post.) I like this gritty image.

Joellen and Pam Mauch at Reston Town Center

Mother and daughter in the rain. I like this pairing, generational beauty with a sense of both je ne sais quoi and knowing.

Bobby Phillips at Turkey Day

The Baltimore Bullet is one of the winningest cyclists to grace our region. A friend, one who has given much. This shot is of Bobby as he memorializes his mother and father at the start of the annual race he hosts in Maryland.

Middle Child at Wilmington

This reminds me of a Sally Mann picture. The girl looks defiant and perhaps angry, her brothers watching the bike race, her mother laden with her next sibling.

Young Racer at Tour de FCCC

I like the lighting and color balance with his one, the strand of hair (click through to zoom). I recall that she won her class. Beautiful.

West Side Road, Mount Rainier, Nisqually Bridge

This was an important part of a journey for me, some time off in raw nature. I wrote a blog post on this.

Deschutes River, Mount Bachelor (USAC Nationals)

This was one of those virgin nature shots, refreshing. I grabbed it after an 80 mile loop riding around Mount Bachelor in Oregon. Makes me want to drink the cool water, put on my backpack and head out.

Ethiopia Healthcare Network

My next big round of photography comes in January 2010 when I travel to Ethiopia. I'll be working (volunteering) for the Ethiopia Healthcare Network charity and related programs in Addis Ababa. Below is a favorite shot from my Ethiopia work in 2007. These children in Dukem are yearning for (and need) healthcare.

Have a wonderful New Year! -- Jim


Unknown said...

The River shot almost looks like an HDR image. These are all fantastic.

The Douglings said...

Coming from the NW I loved the Mt. Rainier and Des. River photo. If you only knew how great a river The Deschutes is for fly fishing, you would have given your bike up for a day of fly fishing. Or maybe ride your bike up and down the access roads to fish a few bends and draws.

Chris said...

great photos. fyi, that shot of Wes is actually Bad Andy Wulfkuhle.

Unknown said...

Ah Jim you have a singular eye-thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.

nintendo dsi r4 said...

I just love all the images. I am a great fan of taking black and white images.