Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dillard and Wilson partner for Urban Cycling

May 18, 2010, Washington, DC – Kevin Dillard and Jim Wilson today announced their partnership to produce an exceptional book and photography products portraying urban cycling, focused on athletes and people of all backgrounds. "We love cycling, the dynamism of riders in competition but also, more importantly, the people, the pathos, inner beauty and passion we see at bike races."

Wilson and Dillard are well-regarded local cycling photographers, fans and hobbyists – with some professional credits, published by PBS, Washington Post, DCist and national and regional cycling mags. Proceeds from this year's collaboration will be donated to charity, one yet to be determined, but one that "makes the world a better place for kids in our area." (Suggestions welcome.) At minimum, products will be self-published, though Wilson who has published under Prentice-Hall hopes to land a larger press.

Dillard and Wilson's current plans for venues to cover are:
Dillard will have an ‘against the wall’ studio set at this weekend’s BikeJam in Baltimore, while Wilson will mix it up about the course and crowds.

For information or suggestions, please feel free to drop Jim and Kevin a note at mercImage@gmail.com.

Dillard and Wilson are working under the brand mercImage -- a conjugation of merc (speed), merci (thank you), mercy (care), Image and mage (magician). Look forward to an opening of the http://mercImage.com web site in the near future. Jim and Kevin’s individual web sites are http://images.jamesrwilson.com and http://www.demoncats.com.

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wrobb said...

jim..thanks for the lift at poolesville the other day after my flat!! good meeting you