Saturday, October 2, 2010

Concerned Photography, Active Photography

"You might think I live in some kind of rarefied atmosphere, but I've got all the same concerns as you. When you spend time in the Third World, the gap between an ordinary life there and a life in the West is enormous, almost unimaginable. But the gap between where you are and where I am is microscopic. It's just degrees of luxury." U2 lead singer Bono speaking to his friend Neil McCormick, in Killing Bono, pp. 345-346.

In January 2010, I visited and photographed these HIV-positive orphans in Addis. We set-up a healthcare program for very poor women and children, including these children and their caretaker.

Here's a thought: "Concerned photography" (Cartier-Bresson, Magnum, et al.) is to take the picture, inspire a difference. "Active photography" is to make a difference, take the picture, put down your camera, put on the blue gloves, and stanch the wound ... We need more wound stanching ... Jim Wilson

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