Sunday, April 19, 2009

Carl Dolan Memorial, 4.19.2009

Slept in, rode 22 miles with Carolyn mostly on Arlington's squirrel loop, and showed-up at Carl Dolan Memorial Spring Classic after lunch to watch and take pictures of final, senior category 1/2/3 race. (Son Nathan was in Kelly green.)  Overcast but warm.  Soft light.  Pushed to ISO 800, driving aperture to  F8-F11 at 1/1000.  Much higher depth-of-field; pleased with results -- high percentage of keepers.  Posted 100+ images here.

Also caught paparrazo shots of DC Mayor Adrian Fenty.  (I was born in DC in 1959, grew-up in Ward 4 ... Mayor Fenty is the best thing that ever happened to city government.)  Appreciation to DC Velo for staging this classic.

Update: DCist picked-up Fenty pic, back-story ... here.

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