Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tyson's Corner Circuit Race, 04.05.2009

Pretty mellow but long and diverse day at Tyson's Corner Circuit Race.  Carolyn started on site at 6:30 AM and I followed about seven with Avery.  We helped Tom and Judy Kendall and NCVC Junior parents set up food tent, barbecue etc.  Because ambulance was late, I was tasked with serving as EMT so the first 8:00 AM race could get started.  Unfortunately, I was on and off duty all day because ambulances had to run various folks to the hospital, a few with serious injuries.  (I covered while the ambulances were off-site.)  Finished about 6:00 PM, following 1/2/3 race and clean up.

Photos were pretty good, selected posted here.  Weather was sunny and warm (about 65 degrees).  Used favored 70-200 F4L lens on Canon 5D, ISO 400.  During the high-end 1/2/3 race, my friend Myron compelled me to get into the Carrera race lead car. I turned around in the convertible, hung over the back and shot a lot.  Pretty bouncy ride, but a few interesting pictures came through.  Hopped out after three laps, feeling nauseated. 

Had good fortune to spend time with my hero Kevin Dillard, sharing photo thoughts and stories.  Whilst we were at Tyson's, 18-y.o. Nathan was in Philadelphia grabbing third in the prestigious Lemon Hill Criterium Elite race.  All good stuff.


Kyle Jones said...

I was talking to Les about his selection of lens and he is using one very similar to the one you are using. Amy is looking for that pop that you guys have in your pictures. Great pictures Jim.

Jim Wilson said...

Thank you, Kyle. Lens quality seems to make a big difference, then a sort of fearlessness to get in front of the picture. That said, I've seen some really great work with digicams, like the Canon G9 or G10 ... My pocket camera (which I take skiing) is a little old Nikon Coolpix. When Apple upgrades its iPhone/iNextThing with a decent camera, that will be pretty tempting. My friend Carl Hoffman -- The Lunatic Express just did an intentionally third-class trip around the world where, I think, many of his pix were iPhone. Some great stuff.