Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tour of Somerville, 5.25.2009

Tour of Somerville didn't meet expectations.  Light was bright and harsh.  Fields were less than expected.  Very chubby man crossing street in front of peleton hit my lens and yelled at me.  Achey overnight on port-a-bed.  And so on.

A few nice shots here.  Liked Laura Van Gilder fan club -- nice shot of Laura before her club here.  Sons raced well; Nate (Kelly) was in five breaks during Pro/1/2 event.

Apologize for being cranky.  Next up is USAF Classic in my hometown, Clarendon.  That will go better ...

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Unknown said...

Hey, sorry for hitting your lens with my fat. Oh wait- never mind, I wasn' there LOL.