Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wilmington Grand Prix, 5.16.2009

Long but pretty good day at Wilmington Grand Prix in Wilmington, Delaware.  Several colleges, art schools and galleries add some exotic background, interesting people.  Town seemed grittier than 2007.  My guess is the recession has led to cut backs.  Pretty overcast in morning, with partly sunny, at best, toward afternoon. Shot most action at ISO 800 @ 1/1000th second.

Did more work than usual shooting using manual focus, this seemed effective at catching close-in fast-action shots.  I think I'll do more manual focus from now on -- my Canon 5D is great for portraits/candid work, but sluggish for sports.

Selected and posted 151 photos here.  Exciting Pro/1 race -- National Race Calendar (NRC) event.  Son Nathan did a lot of hard work leading in Cat 2/3 race at start of day, followed immediately by Junior race.  A lot of crash action; caught some with camera.  Had EMT role for racer in Cat 2/3 event -- face/head injury, blood in trachea impeded breathing, worked C-spine, facial injuries, until back-boarded and transported.

Off to Baltimore tomorrow for Bike Jam.

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