Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reston Town Center, 6.28.09

Great day at the races, nice venue. Reston Town Center Grand Prix, a criterium hosted by Evolution Cycling Club, in Reston, Virginia. Keeper rate was high. Techniques seem to be falling into place, mid-season. Ready for Fitchburg next week, massive Massachusetts stage race and party. Had a little "freedom of the press" travail, since a road guard and cop kicked me out of a sweet spot in the most downhill corner, a strip of median grass I named "Crash Beach." A few good crash shots there, like this one, a flying junior and bike. But I didn't get the quite the angles or proximity I wanted, so I left. Anyway, nothing Pentagon Papers level. The Crash Beach shots were pretty good.

Shot mostly ISO 800 and 1/1,250 ... F-stop was more constrained, since it was overcast and sometimes drizzly. A lot of shots around F5.6. Most shots manual focus. Resulted in some pretty good snappers, like this one. Tight and pretty clear. Rich tone. In general, I'd pre-focus then capture folks in the peloton when they came through sharp and, mostly, had an interesting expression. Candids mostly at 1/320 second or less. Some interesting architectural features, dogs, kids, guys and gals.

During Cat 4 race, light turned bad, so picture quality (and keepers) turned down. Same for second half of women's 1/2/3 event. Album is published here, about 275 images, more than usual.

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