Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tour of Washington County (Williamsport Criterium), 6.21.2009

Caught the last half of the last stage of the Tour of Washington County (Maryland), slipping into Williamsport after lunch Sunday to catch a bit of the top women's race and the Category 1/2/3 criterium. My son was riding top 5 in general classification coming into the crtierium. He finished third overall. Pretty awesome.

Light was good, bright, and I settled into a couple corner spots, shooting racers pretty close, often 5 to 15 feet away. Mostly used manual focus technique, with ISO 400 or 800 and 1/1000 or 1/1250 sec. shutter speed. As normal, shot candids at 1/320. Corner location afforded a couple crash shots, reproduced in blurred sequence here and here. Rest of gallery starts here.

Health to the fallen riders, and to guys who slurped brown splash that ran off farm fields during Saturday's wet road race.

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Unknown said...

That is an awesome capture of Paul and Dave's wreck. The last shot of Dave is almost surreal in that, taken out of context, it is a very happy image...until someone tells you he just flipped off his bike :)