Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boulder/RMNP, 8.19-21.2009

It didn't hit me until we were making the bed in his dorm room (dorm pic above), spreading the mattress pad, tucking in the comforter. Inwardly, I started to cry. I love doing the small things, taking care of him ... not to coddle but to enable, soigneur. Later, we shook hands, hugged quickly, a bit awkwardly (his roommate was there), and said goodbye. He was off. Later, I saw him in Kelly kit, heading out to ride up one of the canyon roads that lace the mountains behind Boulder. This is a wonderful place for Nate, the best I think. A great university, awesome riding, many pro riders.

About 3 PM I drove to the Chautauqua Park (pics above), hiked a beautiful five mile loop, to the base of the Flatirons. Then I drove up to the top of Flagstaff for a few more walkabouts and pics. Yesterday, to open up his legs, Nathan rode up Flagstaff. It's a pretty awesome climb (pic below). That guy's got legs. Seeing the beauty and the tens of riders on Flagstaff strengthened my conviction that this place fits.

Tomorrow, I'll drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park, about 45 minutes north, for more walkabouts and pics. Then, semi-redeye home, into BWI at midnight. Venga!

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susanh said...

thanks Jim - for sending me the latest!! I know it is right for Nate there and this makes me happy. Plus when I rode home from dropping Nate on Tuesday - I saw so many riders HERE that I knew would benefit from me being HERE now. I can also reflect, now, how good it feels to have don the work I did with Nate and see him move into the next step. It is only beginning with him - much greatness lies ahead. I can see this now.