Friday, August 21, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park, 8.21.2009

At Denver airport. Flight to BWI delayed due to weather/tornado warning in Maryland. Hope everybody is okay. Blog time ... Home 2:00 AM (8/22).

Great day tramping (driving, hiking) around Rocky Mountain National Park. Posted some pictures here (start of series). About an hour drive north of Boulder. Very twisty last half into Estes Park, at 7,522' ... park roads climbed to over 12,000' ... highest in the country. Quite a few cyclists suffering the climbs, descending faster than cars. I thought I saw Levi Leipheimer in red Gila jersey ... probably not.

Saw some nicer parts of Estes Park than I remembered from my Fort Collins/HP consulting days' visits (c. 1992). Very nice little town. But the gem is the park. Enormous mountains, made accessible by ridge top drive (Trail Ridge Road). When I see that awesome beauty, I'm astounded, uplifted. Maybe I can do some backpacking there next summer. Viva!

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