Monday, November 15, 2010

Seattle/Olympic Peninsula

Great week attending database conference in Seattle. Well-focused sessions and, a good benchmark for any conference, developed more than ten ideas for things to consider back at work. My agency is merging with a larger agency (good news), so it's a good time to reflect.

Professional matters aside, I very much like Seattle, a town of interesting architecture, culture, waterfronts, and restaurants. I brought my mountain bike in a travel bag, so I could take in pre- and post-conference rides. Logged about 75 miles, sometimes rising before dawn to hit the mountain bike park or ride around Lake Washington. After the conference, I took the ferry to the Olympic Peninsula where I grabbed more rides and walkabouts. The trip also afforded the opportunity to break in my new pocket camera, a Leica D-Lux 5. While the camera is more fragile than my Canon G10 (which I sold), the Leica image quality is very, very good.

Had a little difficulty on Miller Peninsula, off Sequim Bay / Puget Sound (bottom picture). Got lost and spent a couple hours re-tracing my path, without much success. Finally bushwhacked over towards the bay as dark approached, and made my way back to car. A bit of adventure, lucky no harm ...

Additional pictures here.

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