Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trade Zone, 3.15.2009

Rented Canon 300 mm F4L I/S lens from Penn Camera (Tyson's), $35/day, for try-out shots at Trade Zone training races.  (Images posted here.)  I usually shoot 70-200 F4L zoom.  I like the zoom because I can do more variety -- e.g., close-up people shots, candids, mild panorama.  That said, the 300 was something else.  Amazing sharpness, gorgeous color (despite drizzle).

Grey, misty, about 45 degrees.  Shot at ISO 800, action shots 1/1250 or 1/1000, candids less (1/400 +/-).  Lens wasn't too heavy, handheld just fine.  Good reach into race action.  Nice bokeh (softness behind shallow depth of field).  Left about halfway through the 'A' (fastest) race; rain become more steady, didn't want to gum the lens.  The rental lens improves outcomes, but at $1240, I'm not ready for kitchen point deficit.

Follow-up note:  Used 300 mm with IS mode 2 (panning).  Will try it next with IS turned off to improve focusing speed.

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