Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jeff Cup, 03.29.2009

Getting ready for Jeff Cup this Sunday, one of my favorite cycling races.  Early season, scenic, can be nasty (snow in 2008).  Weather looks okay this year ... mild, maybe light rain. Nate racing Pro/1/2/3 (as a 2).  Avery is in Cat 4.  Bunch of juniors will launch.  Coach Sue will join.  Rented Canon 300 F4L, which proved out at last Trade Zone.  2009 Jeff Cup images posted here.  (2008 pics here ... 2007 pics here.)

Light was overcast, some drizzle in morning, then sunny in afternoon.  Another pretty mellow day -- after normal churn helping NCVC U19 squad launch.  Juniors picked-up three podiums in their age groups, and my sons ran well in 1/2/3 race (until stiff pothole cracked stem and carbon wheels) and Cat 4 race (Avery's first).  

Ran 711 images.  Working with a little more critical eye, will post about 200.  Canon 300 mm proved out about as expected, though image quality/focus hunting was not as good as prior effort at Trade Zone ... maybe user defect (not enough coffee) or weaker light.  300 mm depth of field is a little shallow for bike race, so I'm tending to move back to the 70-200 F4L as lens-of-choice for bike races (Carolyn cheers ... no new 'investment').  Also, I miss the zoom for doing walkabout candid shots and broader landscapes.

May take 1.4X teleconverter to Ephrata or Bike Jam to see how that works ... more reach, easier framing (and cheaper).

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