Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trade Zone, 3.8.2009

Mellow training race at Trade Zone industrial park, Upper Marlboro, MD.  Sunday morning, about 50 degrees.  Cloudy sky and pretty good light.  Shot about 150 images, posted about 50 here ... Nothing awesome, but good early season warm-up. Action shots @ ISO 400, 1/1250 ... person/dog shots at 1/400.  Camera (Canon 5D) shows itself best as a portrait camera, okay for sports.  Shooting with 70-200 F4L, nice glass, but considering working with 300 F4L, for more reach, increased sharpness, perhaps faster focusing.

My 14 year-old son Avery raced great, powering up front in Men's C race.  Midway through, I observed a crash.  My friend -- another junior parent -- went over a downed cyclist and flipped about 5 feet up in the air.  Came down hard on her left shoulder.  I put down camera and slipped on blue EMT gloves.  Performed rapid trauma assessment.  Acute L shoulder pain.  Stabilized.  X-rays later showed fractured clavicle and pinky.

Trade Zone again next Sunday, 3.15.2009.  First big show is Jeff Cup, near Monticello, on March 29.  A favorite venue.

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