Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SV2 -- LeAlem and networking

Site Visit Day 2 (Tuesday) -- Short post today. Most of day spent at LeAlem, case study and report writing. Today is a national holiday, Timkat or Epiphany, celebrating Jesus' baptism. This kept clinic volume lower.

Did a lot of writing, conversation with LeAlem partners, coffee fete in courtyard (brewed over embers) with all staff. Case study subject today, imaged above, is pastoral woman presenting with acute gastritis. She lives in one room house, sleeps on ground with two children, sells candles near church. Her husband is deceased. She's proud of her children, her son having completed ninth grade (dropped out to support family) and her daughter continuing at tenth grade level.

A subject explored in today's writing and through email with EHN board is that nutrition is a critical co-factor to medical care success. Some medicine should not be taken without food, and poor nutrition, of course, fosters illness and deficiency. I'll look into network partners who may be available in Addis to help, or mark issue for future research.

Dinner tonight with US Embassy friend and LeAlem colleague (social worker).

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