Saturday, January 23, 2010

SV6 -- Beneficiaries Home Visit

Site Visit Day 6 (Saturday) -- Visited impoverished homes of beneficiaries, followed by children's event at community center for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC). Crawled through narrow alleyways, into 1-2 room mud and tin huts; swarms of beautiful children seeking contact and attention. (Glad I had extensive inoculations.) Compelling pictures. Area impacted by poor sanitation and hygiene, malnutrition, disease, economic destitution. First house visited had 2 rooms for 3 or 4 families, other houses similar. Admired craftsman weaving in front room of two room mud/tin house.

OVC event, organized by "Redeem the Generation," was extraordinary cultural dance show, followed by counseling discussion and distribution of free clothing. A licensed Ethiopian non-profit, Redeem the Generation focuses on psychosocial support for HIV/AIDS OVCs, educational support (e.g., tutoring, book clubs), micro-lending for small business start-up, HIV prevention education, and similar individual- and community-empowerment work. The association is led by a skilled staff with over 100 volunteers.

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Day off tomorrow (Sunday), kicking back, attending local bike race, lunch with leader of Ethiopian Cycling Federation ... just like home!

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