Thursday, January 21, 2010

SV4 -- LeAlem

Site Visit Day 4 (Thursday). Better day today, well-rested. Got over-tired Wednesday, stressed, both joy and sadness. LeAlem served 12 EHN beneficiary patients today. Dinner with 8 staff and children tonight; sumptuous Ethiopian meal -- $35 total (including beer). Pictured above is Gashaw, a LeAlem social worker. LeAlem maintains meticulous records.

Below are a few of today's case study pictures and abstracts. (Click through pictures for improved resolution.)

Pastoralist woman age 91, presenting with epigastric pain and disorder. No children; subsists by begging. Sleeps on ground in shed. LeAlem/EHN provided medication and vitamin B supplement.

Seven year-old girl, presenting with nausea and vomiting. 4th grade clever student, poised. Her name translates to "Work of God."

10 year-old boy and 36-year old mother. Boy presented with facial ulcers, and mother with flank pain. Mother previously treated for typhoid. Mother is blind; eight years without sight. Eye injury brought on by laundry work. Subsist by begging near church baptismal spring; live in one room house with 14-16 people.

38 year-old beneficiary with gynecological issues. Sells small merchandise on street. Two children, 10 year-old boy and 14 year-old girl. Children attend government school. Mother and children live together under plastic tarp by street. Treated by EHN/LeAlem (multiple visits).

35 year-old woman, previously cured from malaria. Presenting complaint, flank pain. Works in Addis as housemaid; earns less than $100 US per year. Helps support five children living in southern Ethiopia; her husband is farmer in Wolayta. Two children live in Arba Minch in order to attend better schools.

Tomorrow, home visits with HIV/AIDS social services agency caring for pediatrics with HIV/AIDS or impacted by AIDS (e.g., orphans). Similar work Saturday morning.

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